Success stories

Securing Success: Business Resilience through Cyber Solutions in the Spanish Market

A small internet betting company encountered challenges related to data lake and visibility issues. Solutions and benefits provided included assistance in integrating sources into the detection engine, leading to immediate visibility into the origin sources integrated in Elastic and the EDR.

Transforming Cybersecurity: A Strategic Approach for an Iberian Transportation Systems Company

An Iberian transportation systems company, conducting 50+ cybersecurity audits annually, sought a structured approach. Implementing solutions revealed vulnerabilities, leading to a streamlined cybersecurity posture, enhancing business continuity, and raising awareness of cybersecurity practices.

Enhancing Operational Resilience: ISO 22301 in the Defense Industrial Base Sector

A robust operational system is imperative for the seamless functioning of a business. In this instance, an Iberian company operating in the Defense Industrial Base sector aimed to address challenges in its business operational strategy.

Securing the Future: A Financial Services Journey through ENS Compliance

A financial services organization struggling to adapt to the AppCure National Security Scheme (ENS) successfully resolved its issues after applying GRC activities based on ENS. The company not only managed to obtain the ENS certification but also ensured compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Strengthening Cybersecurity Resilience: A Journey in Risk Identification for an Iberian Emergency Services Company

An emergency services company based in Europe, in its journey through cyber attacks and risks, managed to improve its cybersecurity performance following the application of the Magerit methodology.

Securing Success: Achieving PCI DSS Certifications for a Major Portuguese Financial Institution and Merchants

A Portuguese financial institution faced challenges in obtaining specific certifications within a complex and chaotic environment. GRC and RTS activities were applied, resulting in the successful acquisition of all necessary certifications. The organization now operates with a smoother and more structured operational system.

Navigating Cyber Challenges: A Deep Dive into Cybersecurity Maturity for a Portuguese Financial Entity

A Portugal-based financial institution, grappling with cybersecurity challenges, successfully addressed numerous issues following the implementation of specific GRC activities.

Empowering Cybersecurity Compliance: A Comprehensive Solution for a Financial Organization in Portugal

Ensuring that a financially low-maturity organization based in Portugal complies with regulations after the implementation of GRC and RTS activities.

Fortifying Defenses: A Financial Institution's Journey to Cybersecurity Maturity in Angola

A financial institution based in Africa embarked on a journey through the SIM3 framework to enhance the organization's cyber defenses and evaluate its maturity level.

Multiple cybersecurity domains and high compliance requirements

A rapidly growing healthcare service provider seeking to improve cybersecurity in a large, complex organization with high compliance requirements. Solutions include pentesting and vulnerability management, along with Cyber Threat Intelligence Monitoring. This has lead to increased visibility and scalability.

Futuristic vision of market technologies and practices

A Brazilian bank with a futuristic vision of market technologies and practices. Their knowledge allowed for rapid implementation of PCI DDS 4.0. This lead to an improved approximation to payment brands and a safer environment.

A Complex mapped environment with a shortage of resources

A Brazilian wholesale retailer faced an absence of standards and formal documentation about the identity management process. This was resolved with a range of solutions, including access management, which lead to increased compliance and a clear understanding of access needs.

Technology company with need for annual risk assessment

A Brazilian technology company needed an annual risk assessment that was required by Swift through the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF). The client was provided with visibility as well as a new deal for Swift assessments.

Banking company needs to become PCI DSS compliant is limited time

A small banking company wanted to become PCI DSS compliant in the least time possible. To do this, we applied PCI DSS 3.2.1 and PCI DSS 4.0. As a result, the client became PCI DSS compliant in 45 days.

Protecting a huge exposure surface on hybrid IT architecture

One of the largest drugstore chains in Brazil needed to protect a large exposure surface. A range of solutions, including SOC, CSIRT, and SOAR as a service were applied, leading to a long-term relationship for both service delivery and product resale.

Client facing problems with activism, hybrid IT, and legacy OT

A client in the pulp and paper industry in Brazil and LatAm is often targeted by activism. They also face issues from a hybrid IT architecture and legacy OT in industrial plants. This was resolved with a range of solutions, leading to Cipher becoming the client's largest cyber provider.

Protection for a critical hospital environment

A hospital in Brazil needed to protect its critical environment. A rapid Incident Response was important. A range of solutions was applied, including SOC and CSIRT on xMDR, which led to Cipher being seen as a trusted advisor.

Biomedical company with unique security requirements

A biomedical company in the USA needed to stay ahead of cyber threats to protect its propriety data and to meet its unique security requirements. With a range of solutions, including SIEM Log Management, we were able to ensure that they were compliant with industry regulations and ready to respond to any incidents.