Cipher's mission, vision and values reveal our aspirations and challenges and define our way of experiencing the company.

xMDR (extended Managed Detection and Response) is a robotic threat detection and response platform. Our team hunts for any evidence of malicious activity on your IT system and quickly and effectively responds to any threats.

Cipher Managed Security Services (MSS) is a portfolio of 24/7 SOC services that are tailored to each client. Cipher deploys intelligence-driven security services and proven processes and technologies to minimize false positives and false negatives, as well as rapidly containing cyberattacks.

MSS includes:

  • Cybersecurity monitoring. Cipher Log Alert, Monitoring, and SOC services collect, correlate, and store security events. Our certified security experts use this to identify any malicious activity, responding to threats in real time.
  • Security Asset Management. Cipher provides end-to-end management of any part of your security stack. It will also make sure you have the latest updates and security policies. 
  • Vulnerability and compliance management. Cipher uses automated technologies and security experts to carry out continuous scans on your entire estate, minimizing security risks.

Cipher Cyber Intelligence Services (CIS) is a practice that gathers and correlates data, which is then transformed into information. This information is analyzed and transformed into intelligence, which is an actionable asset to take your digital security to the next level. Cipher CIS uses a combination of market-leading technologies and proprietary tools to discover and gather relevant information.

  • Cyber Surveillance. Cipher continually monitors content to warn you of any data leaks or breaches.
  • Threat Intelligence. This service collects and analyzes intelligence about current threats and on-going attacks.
  • Situational awareness. Cipher monitors your overall risk with a holistic risk management system approach. You are provided with a complete picture of your risk profile, from physical threat intelligence to cyber intelligence.
  • Attack surface management. Potential exposure points are identified, monitored, and reduced so they cannot be exploited by attackers. This includes discovering entry points, assessing risks, and giving recommendations on how to reduce the attack surface.

Cipher Red Team Services (RTS) provides a tailored security assessment using proprietary systems and algorithms supported by large scale analysis of advanced threats using a database of malicious codes. Cipher finds any existing holes in your security environment with a full assessment.

  • Penetration testing and ethical hacking tests. Cipher simulates sophisticated cyberattacks using the same techniques as attackers. At the end, you receive an actionable report with the findings along with recommendations.
  • Vulnerability Assessment. To help you manage risks and improve your security, Cipher preforms internal and external assessments across network devices, servers, endpoints, web applications, and databases.
  • Forensic Analysis. Digital forensic investigators pursue data forensics, including decryption and reverse engineering to determine the root cause and impact of an incident.
  • Application Security Testing and Code Review. Cipher analyzes your software security. Application security testing can include any kind of applications, from mobile to web based.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Training. Cipher's team of experts ensure that your employees are aware of the latest security trends. We can provide tailored cybersecurity training to suit your needs.

Cipher has over 20 years of experience to help enhance your cybersecurity, reduce information security risks, and improve compliance. We deliver a wide range of capabilities, including risk assessments, regulatory and standards compliance, and more. We work with your organization to develop an actionable plan on how to optimize your IT resources and ensure your organization is protected and compliant.

  • Compliance. Cipher helps you ensure that your security program meets regulatory and compliance needs, and that security controls are working correctly.
  • Risk Management. Cipher helps your organization develop a risk management process. Systems can be analyzed to find top threat actors and how it affects your critical business functions.
  • vCISO. This services provides an information security expert to fill the role of your organizations CISO (chief information security officer).
  • PIC assessment and consulting. Cipher is a PCI-qualified security assessor and PCI-approved scanning vendor.
  • GDPR assessment and consulting. Gain a holistic view of the state of your organization's compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act (DPA) and assess its readiness for GDPR.
  • Data discovery, mapping, and classification. All data is assessed to ensure that you know where it is stored and how it is used.

Cipher implements technologies that will protect you against a constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape. We have strategic alliances with leading cybersecurity vendors, which allow us to deliver cost-effective products and integration services.