Red Team Services (RTS)

Enhancing cyber resilience

Our proactive offensive testing forms the backbone of a robust cyber resilience strategy, meticulously scanning client environments. Through these tests, we proactively identify vulnerabilities and provide a clear roadmap to address potential issues. This comprehensive assessment equips our clients with the necessary insights to prevent potential exploitation by malicious actors.


End points monitored


Protected corporate users


Customers protected

Service lines

Security auditing

Our audit program is designed to ensure compliance with security standards and detect hidden vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing

We perform penetration testing on both internal and external systems using cutting-edge techniques. Additionally, we offer Automated Penetration Testing services.

Social engineering

We conduct phishing, vishing, and in-person testing to evaluate an organization's security awareness training to detect vulnerabilities.

Red-Team missions

Our Red-Team experts collaborate with clients to pinpoint and strategically navigate significant security risks, delivering Risk Management Strategies, Action Plans, and Director Plans.

Core advantages

1 Realistic assessment

Our Red Team Services (RTS) enable a realistic evaluation of risks by simulating real cyberattacks. This provides an accurate understanding of vulnerabilities in an organization's security infrastructure.

2 Strengthening threat detection & incident management

With our threat simulations, network teams assess an organization's incident response capabilities. By replicating real-world threats, we improve your response protocols, team coordination, and overall effectiveness in managing security situations.

3 Validated security measures

Our Red Teams validate the effectiveness of existing security measures by testing them in a controlled environment. This helps organizations ensure their security investments are sound and actionable, while also yielding insights to guide your security roadmap for the future.

Client success stories

Navigating Cyber Challenges: A Deep Dive into Cybersecurity Maturity for a Portuguese Financial Entity

A Portugal-based financial institution, grappling with cybersecurity challenges, successfully addressed numerous issues following the implementation of specific GRC activities.

Empowering Cybersecurity Compliance: A Comprehensive Solution for a Financial Organization in Portugal

Ensuring that a financially low-maturity organization based in Portugal complies with regulations after the implementation of GRC and RTS activities.

Fortifying Defenses: A Financial Institution's Journey to Cybersecurity Maturity in Angola

A financial institution based in Africa embarked on a journey through the SIM3 framework to enhance the organization's cyber defenses and evaluate its maturity level.

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