Enhancing your cybersecurity visibility and posture

Prevent cyber threats, ensure compliance, and safeguard your business data with one trusted partner.

Our mission

At Cipher, we make the world safer by taking care of people and businesses, all while staying at the forefront of innovation.

We are Prosegur's cybersecurity division, dedicated to protecting your digital space and ensuring your trust in a secure environment.

We are more than 200 cybersecurity professionals in five countries: USA, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Paraguay.


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Key cybersecurity challenges facing your business

Technology and organizational division

At Cipher, we are committed to safeguarding your business. With more individuals, devices, and systems operating without oversight, there's a need for protective measures to secure your environment.

The visibility gap

Clients often face a loss of asset visibility, inadequate risk perception, and a shortage of protection tools, leaving them vulnerable as cyber threats rapidly evolve.

The cybersecurity talent-gap

Staffing shortages impact the availability of skilled cybersecurity talent and impairs your organization's security. 

Cost constraints

In today's economic climate, organizations are forced to refine their cybersecurity strategies to fit within the constraints of their budget.


Your business is continuously evolving – so are threats. Your protection, and the security of your business, hinges on your ability to adapt.

How we can help you solve them

Our distinction lies in our approach to cybersecurity

Organizations need to continuously improve their cybersecurity stance, enhancing both visibility and responsiveness. The market, however, tends to offer static, one-size-fits-all solutions. 

Our dynamic xMDR platform evolves with the landscape, delivering customizable, cutting-edge protection that is tailored to your unique challenges.

All we do is improve your visibility and security posture​.


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Inspiring success: how we empower clients

  Protecting a huge exposure surface on hybrid IT architecture

One of the largest drugstore chains in Brazil needed to protect a large exposure surface. A range of solutions, including SOC, CSIRT, and SOAR as a service were applied, leading to a long-term relationship for both service delivery and product resale.

  Transforming Cybersecurity: A Strategic Approach for an Iberian Transportation Systems Company

An Iberian transportation systems company, conducting 50+ cybersecurity audits annually, sought a structured approach. Implementing solutions revealed vulnerabilities, leading to a streamlined cybersecurity posture, enhancing business continuity, and raising awareness of cybersecurity practices.

  Enhancing Operational Resilience: ISO 22301 in the Defense Industrial Base Sector

A robust operational system is imperative for the seamless functioning of a business. In this instance, an Iberian company operating in the Defense Industrial Base sector aimed to address challenges in its business operational strategy.

Work with us

Cipher is home to passionate people dedicated to making the world a safer and more secure space. 

To submit a general consideration application, please submit your resume to jobs@cipher.com