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Custom security solutions

Today, any company can offer managed detection response (MDR), cybersecurity technology integration (CTI), and governance risk and compliance (GRC). However, providing these blanket services doesn't ensure the survival of your business.


Cipher understands the distinct challenges and needs of your organization. We don’t just offer services; we craft solutions tailored to securing your business, ensuring enhanced visibility, and creating a robust security posture.

Our competitive edge

Cipher xMDR

Cipher xMDR offers a comprehensive approach to threat detection and response, meticulously designed to protect your digital assets. Leveraging AI and advanced analytics, our xMDR service provides unparalleled oversight of network and data activities, empowering security teams to both preemptively and responsively neutralize cyber threats.

X63 Unit

Navigating cyber threats can overwhelm many businesses, often due to a lack of specialized expertise. Enter the X63 Unit — your elite cyber intelligence and solution architect. We don’t just uncover threats; we dissect their strategies and anticipate their moves. Our proactive approach to cybersecurity means we design innovative solutions tailored to pre-empt and neutralize threats before they strike. As your digital sentinels, we ensure your business stays secure in the dynamic digital arena.

Hybrid Cybersecurity

We are the only global organization delivering a security strategy merging physical and cyber defenses into one solution. Our Hybrid Cybersecurity model is designed to prevent and counteract both physical and cyber threats, protecting our clients and their business at all times. This protection is founded on four core pillars: Advanced technology, strategic business defense, and a team of professionals. With Hybrid Cybersecurity, you and your business are enabled to effectively anticipate and mitigate risks.

Cipher services

We differentiate ourselves not in what we do but in how we do it

We offer a unique approach tailored to elevating your cybersecurity stance, aligning with your specific business objectives. Our commitment extends beyond solving problems to enhancing your operational visibility against cyber threats.

Our team’s expertise, coupled with cutting-edge methodologies, robust partner technologies, and the innovative Cipher xMDR Platform, come together to deploy cybersecurity strategies that simplify complexity and advance your security.