About us

Cipher a Prosegur company

At Cipher, we are Prosegur's division dedicated to protect your digital space, ensuring your trust in a digitally secure environment.

About Prosegur

At Prosegur we work to make the world a safer place. We provide our clients with the most advanced solutions on the market, equipped with a high technological component and designed to add value to the service. We are a company in which innovation, our human team and absolute customer orientation make the difference.

Everyday, we excel at securing what you value most. From your people to your assets, from your reputation to your networks, from your cash to your cloud. And sometimes, we even save lives.

About Cipher

We are more than 200 cybersecurity professionals with presence in 5 countries, for more than 20 years. With a network of six Cybersecurity Operation Centers, we can leverage the power of a global leader in the security field, with local management and global capability.

Our unique approach addresses to companies and institutions that wants to improve continuously their cybersecurity posture. 

We deliver cybersecurity solutions which, powered by Cipher xMDR and Unit X63, are built to connect people, processes, and technology to support every step of the cybersecurity management cycle. Cipher services promote wide visibility over the many gaps and the power of our talents combined with method and technology in execution, builds a simpler cybersecurity strategy.

We are the best cybersecurity partner for your company

Work at Cipher

We empower our employees with the best technologies and methodologies, and we work for their thriving.