Managed Security Services (MSS)

Essential Managed Security Services (MSS) for modern businesses

Our Managed Security Services (MSS) offer comprehensive support and management of cybersecurity solutions tailored for OT/IoT and Cloud environments. We provide ongoing guidance and strategic advice, enhancing your resilience and maturing the security of your operational and cloud infrastructures.


End points monitored


Protected corporate users


Customers protected

Service lines

Security observatory

Our Security Observatory services brings real-time insights into your organization’s cybersecurity status, covering ecosystems from OT, IoT, IoMT to the Cloud. We guide you on enhancing cybersecurity through continuous assessments and prioritized remediation plans.

Cyber intelligence

We offer Cyber Intelligence services dedicated to uncovering threats, including insider breaches, impersonation, and brand misuse that may impact your organization.


Elevate your organizational awareness with specialized training to combat Phishing, Kishing, and Smishing. Our cybersecurity awareness programs are developed to mitigate risks and promote a secure environment within your organization.

People care

Continuous management

Our Continuous Management (CM) service provides expert management and administration capabilities across your cybersecurity technology stack. Cipher CM not only masters the administration of cybersecurity technologies, but also continuously assesses and fine tunes them to adhere with industry best practices.

Main benefits

1 Continuous security posture improvement

Our approach is dedicated to continuously refining your cybersecurity posture. We work to gain a deep understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities across every ecosystem, from Cyber-Physical Systems to Cloud environments.

2 Strategic remediation planning

We implement advanced models based on threat intelligence, exposure recognaissance, and business context. With it, we deliver remediation plans that can be easily managed and executed by operational teams.

3 Brand protection and attack identification

Safeguard your brand's integrity with our indentification services. Our proactive measures for domain impersonation, fraud, phishing, and unauthorized use of APKs are designed to preserve business continuity and uphold your reputation.

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