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Close the cybersecurity talent gap optimizing your SOC resources and maximize your ROI and security efficacy with Cipher xMDR Platform.

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An adaptative solution with actionable results

We streamline your process from exhaustive research to promptly addressing top-priority incidents using AI and advanced analytics, thus, we enhance your cybersecurity posture and maximize your ROI.


Disover what xMDR Platform has to offer you!


The xMDR Platform reviews all alerts. Its Smart Alert processing leverages past feedback for cross-correlation and grouping, achieving over 75% noise reduction.

The xMDR Platform and Services unlock hidden potential and utilize existing cybersecurity expenditures without requiring changes to the current technology stack.

The xMDR Platform is vendor neutral, so it won't require changes to your technologies. We proficiently conduct Next Generation Detection and Response with your current setup.

The Platform tracks adversaries and their TTPs, providing prioritized rules, risk calculations, and trend statuses. It supports manual, trend, or fully automated operational modes.

xMDR has been designed to automate a large number of repetitive and low value tasks such as understanding adversaries TTPs and manage the complete lifecycle of rules and use cases.

xMDR uses metrics and KPIs to help you make informed decisions, identify valuable rules and use cases, focus on relevancy, understand rule risk calculations, and elevate cybersecurity.

How we do it

Using the history from our database and adding Artificial Intelligence capabilities, we generate possible paths a threat could take and minimize detection and response times.

Digital adversary

Using your company's data and current technologies, we enable a comprehensive set of rules to detect cyber threats, allowing us to anticipate, detect, and respond to potential attacks.

Dynamic defense

The platform uses generative AI to simulate attack paths and query your technology, helping anticipate attacks by revealing detected behaviors and the attacker’s likely next steps, being in fact, a continuous threat hunting engine.

Smart alert

The alert processing engine reviews all reactive and proactive alerts. We streamline investigations and responses to attacks, securing your business without altering current configurations.

Threat investigation and response

We inform you about potential cyberattack alerts and provide detailed notifications and guidance on necessary actions to mitigate these threats effectively.

Take the fast-track to efficiency and efficacy

Discover what makes us unique, a personalized platform adressing modern detection and response that enable business outcomes.


We will modelled the Platform according to your attacker's profile so that the service is customized from minute zero.

Detection and Managed Response

You will receive a minimum number of alerts, and once you make a decision on an alert, it will not reoccur.

Tecnologia de seguridad

All information on the platform is online 24/7, and you can consult it from any device at any time.

Integration of security technologies

Complete integration of your solutions in the EDR and IPS/IDS areas.


Our active service time is better than any on-premise platform because it is in the cloud.

Cyber Intelligence

Platform with high levels of computation generating high-value alerts.

xMDR Services

Leveraging the xMDR Platform, our xMDR Services deliver everything your business requires to thrive securely in the dynamic digital landscape.

Utilizing our expertise, we optimize the platform’s capabilities to guarantee your business's survival and ongoing success.

Unit X63

Imagine starting from scratch with your cybersecurity, unaware of the tactics and strategies used by cyber attackers—it would be nearly impossible to stop them!

This is where the X63 Unit steps in. They meticulously monitor cyber attackers to understand their tactics and help you anticipate cyberattacks.

Accessing the xMDR Platform, they supply all necessary alerts to ensure your business stays secure in the dynamic digital arena.

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