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The outcome you will experience

This is what you can expect from our xMDR Services.


Managed Alerts.

Up to 50%

TCO reduction (*).

20 days

Full Service activation.


Increase in your attack surface.


Locally operated SOC.


Service Availability.

What do our customers get

xMDR Services and Platform come together to offer a holistic cybersecurity solution that provides everything any business might need to stay protected in the digital environment.

GLOCAL 24/7 Service

Combination of a Global Platorm with local teams delivery providing continued operations with on-demand assistance tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Named CSM

Trusted nominal advisers who will help you throughout the service.

Relentless and reactive investigation

We take what you have and augment the capabilites of your existing technologies to generate continuous investigations.

Continuous threat hunting

Proactive, systematic threat detection through advanced intelligence, tools, and analysis to swiftly neutralize emerging cyber threats in your organization's network and systems.

Centralized intelligence portal

Access all information from a centralized portal where you can view your current profile, the digital adversaries you face, the available rules and use cases to protect you and also the investigations carried out with the same data as security experts gaining access to valuable reports, KPIs and Cybersecurity News.

Services benefits

Fast time to Market

15-minute response time.

Fiscal Responsibility

We do not connect anything at your place, so you do not generate Opex.

Unstoppable company

Our integration and implementation is very fast and does not require a project to be implemented.

Long-term partners

Analysts in end-to-end mode.

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Cybersecurity Intelligence

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