A Complex mapped environment with a shortage of resources

A Brazilian wholesale retailer with over 76,000 employees faced a complex mapped environment, which was further complicated by an absence of formal documentation about identity management processes. They also lacked structured knowledge bases about how systems worked, their main features, and their access types.

An additional complication was a lack of comprehension of the access needs of selected areas, along with a scarcity of resources. The timeframe to deliver this project was relatively short, adding to the difficulty.

We applied an identity management solution to the company. This included access management, information security awareness, segregation of duties, and a review of policies and standards.

As a result, the client's identity management process is more mature, and there is a clear understanding of access needs for each area and system within the scope. We also provided a clear, formal comprehension of the most significant Segregation of Duties (SOD) conflicts that occurred on the environment. We were also able to increase the level of compliance in external audits, such as SOX and PCI-DDS.