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Navigating digital transformation risks

Embracing digital transformation, from cloud adoption to AI integration, has its risks. It's important to choose a framework that will identify, assess, and mitigate the risks of your transformation, ensuring a secure transition for your business.

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Our approach

Cipher partners with clients through their digital transformation journey, equipping them with the resources to manage risks. We identify potential threats, advise on robust solutions and controls for mitigation, and ensure adherence to legislative and industry-specific regulations.

Our strategic approach prioritizes business alignment, bolstering cybersecurity measures rather than hindering your operations.

Comprehensive services

xMDR Services

Our team of experts deliver continuous support, conducting thorough and agile investigations to resolve security issues. By leveraging cutting-edge intelligence and state-of-the-art tools, we proactively detect and neutralize cyber threats.

Gain access to centralized intelligence and in-depth reports that empower you to implement security measures.

Red Team Services (RTS)

Cipher’s RTS delivers in-depth, customized security assessments. Our approach combines proprietary systems and advanced algorithms with a large-scale analysis of emerging threats. We utilize a dynamic and extensive database of malicious code to ensure you are prepared for real-world attacks.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Our team of specialists focus on providing you with visibility into your risks, helping you build effective strategies.

With expertise in GRC, we conduct various security and privacy standard assessments, manage compliance and governance programs, and provide valuable insights to support your business strategies.

Inspiring success: how we empower clients

Securing Success: Business Resilience through Cyber Solutions in the Spanish Market

A small internet betting company encountered challenges related to data lake and visibility issues. Solutions and benefits provided included assistance in integrating sources into the detection engine, leading to immediate visibility into the origin sources integrated in Elastic and the EDR.

Transforming Cybersecurity: A Strategic Approach for an Iberian Transportation Systems Company

An Iberian transportation systems company, conducting 50+ cybersecurity audits annually, sought a structured approach. Implementing solutions revealed vulnerabilities, leading to a streamlined cybersecurity posture, enhancing business continuity, and raising awareness of cybersecurity practices.

Enhancing Operational Resilience: ISO 22301 in the Defense Industrial Base Sector

A robust operational system is imperative for the seamless functioning of a business. In this instance, an Iberian company operating in the Defense Industrial Base sector aimed to address challenges in its business operational strategy.

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