Multiple cybersecurity domains and high compliance requirements

A large, rapidly growing healthcare service provider faces the challenge of how to identify opportunities for improvement over multiple cybersecurity domains within a complex organization. An added challenge is the demanding compliance requirements of the sector.

xMDR, our MSS, was implemented to provide 24/7 managed detection and response services. We also implemented a range of software and hardware tools to carry out pentesting and vendor risk management, along with CIS Cyber Threat Intelligence monitoring and RTS pentesting and vulnerability management.

As a result of all these solutions, the client had increased visibility, which helped them to continuously improve their cybersecurity maturity level. Cipher support helped increase the client's scalability, while there was an increase in responsiveness thanks to 24/7 services to continuously monitor infrastructure and rapidly tackle incidents.

Our incident manager process, which has been certified at the highest level by Trusted Introducer, ensured that the client was compliant with the SIM3 model, the standard used to the maturity of CERT/CSIRT teams.

This partnership has allowed the client to monitor all their cybersecurity domains with just one partner.