xMDR Services

Proactive defense against cyber threats

Trusted appointed consultants provide ongoing support, ensuring relentless and reactive investigation with transparency for effective problem resolution.


Proactively identify threats using advanced intelligence and tools to quickly neutralize emerging cyber threats, accessing centralized intelligence and valuable reports to take comprehensive security measures.


 End points

At least 5x



Threat actors tracked daily

Main benefits

GLOCAL 24x7 service

We offer continuous operations with on- demand assistance tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Named CSM

Trusted nominal advisers who will help you throughout the service.

Control center

Relentless and reactive investigation

To effectively solve the problem, it is essential to have a high level of transparency in the investigation. This will prevent any further questions and help counteract the threat.

People care

Continuous threat hunting

We support you in identifying your biggest security risks and work with you in addressing them, using products like: Risk Management Stragies, Action Plans, and Director Plans.

People care

Centralized intelligence portal

Access all information from a centralized portal where you can view the same data as security experts and gain access to valuable reports.

Our commitments

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